Red Cauldron is the westernmost province in the Kingdom of Clearshale, on the Continent of Andeas. The legendary site of The Debogora Baptism, an ancient battle between Gods, the red rocks of ‘The Cauldron’ were said to have been stained by the blood of the Dieties and their armies. It is considered by many to be a sacred and powerful part of the world, and the protection of and peace within the province is kept and maintained by a group called The Dragonblood Ward

Much of the Red Cauldron is barren, but it is scattered with hot springs, some of which have created Oasis where settlements of various sizes have been erected.

One such village, Kellon, is where our adventure begins.

Rumors of a deadly plague to the south, of civil unrest in the easter provinces, and of war with the neighboring kingdom of Cicerin have the people of Red Cauldron concerned for the future of their province and people. The Dragonblood have been instructed to conscript any willing and competent citizens to help them continue to protect the Red Cauldron from these new threats.

Heroes of Red Cauldron